There are different kinds of wall tiles. In terms of sturdiness, the metal plate is the best material to choose for any project. Metal wall tiles give that vibe of sturdiness. If you couple it with the copper look, you have yourself something unique to put on your walls and ceilings.

Let us tell you all about copper wall tiles from New York Ceiling Co.!

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Copper wall tiles in loft office design
Copper wall tile

Metal wall tiles for homes and professional use

What makes metal wall tiles the best option for wall tiles? Let us look at some of the facts about metal wall tiles and what makes them the best option for your walls.

Distinct Appearance

Metal wall tiles come with a very distinct appearance. If you add the copper and choose the style that you want, you have a very interesting tile that will work very well and blend with any space that you have.

The reflective quality of metal wall tiles reflect the surrounding. It matches any color scheme in any location. The colors are reflected in the metal wall tiles. They also create an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. With copper to add to the metal wall tile, you are treated to a unique blend of functionality and a unique, decorative tile that delivers fine quality.

Durable Structure

One of the best things about metal wall tiles is the fact that they are durable. When there is copper to add to the metal wall tiles, it becomes more durable.

Resistant to most kinds of damage, a metal wall tile coupled with copper will be less prone to impacts and scratching.

Easy Clean Up

Metal wall tiles are the easiest to clean and require minimal attention. The durability of the product will match your need for a clean surface. In the worst possible case that you find yourself with a metal wall tile that might have a stain, it is easy to clean since scratching is very minimal. The copper look will also give it a distressed look so you can blend the scratch with the distressed look.

Easy Installation

There is easy installation of metal wall tiles. Since the tiles are very durable, it happens very rarely that a tile becomes damaged by the usual wear and tear. In that very rare instance that a metal wall tile is damaged, it is easy to replace and install the metal wall tile.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning a metal wall tile is very simple and easy. By simply wiping them off with warm water and a sponge, you are good to go. With copper that you add to the metal wall tile, clean up is even easier. Most substances do not stick to metal and since metal wall tiles are water resistant, they can also resist any stains and grease that may come in the usual use of the tiles.

Better Acoustic

When you get a metal wall tile installed on your walls, you can get better acoustics in the environment that you install it in. In a high noise level environment, you can easily forget that the walls play a pivotal role in keeping the conversation alive. With the right wall tiles, you can have better acoustics in the place that you install it in. For restaurants or bars, this can be a great advantage! New York Ceiling Co. offers special acoustic tiles that feature micro-perforation. Find out all about our special acoustic tiles!

Personalized Design

A metal wall tile often exists in a way that it is very flexible in terms of the way that you want the environment to look. If you have copper to add to the metal wall tile and you choose a distinctive pattern, it would be easier to have a sturdy wall and a unique, personalized one at that.

Surface Protection

One of the best things about metal wall tiles is the extra wall protection that it offers. The place owner can benefit greatly from the wall tiles as it protects the main surface of the walls from stains, scratches, and any other untoward incident.

How Do I Get Started?

There are many ways for you to get started on using wall tiles for your needs. All rights reserved during transactions, you will easily get what you need if you have some wall tiles to add to the overall look of your business. To get started, you simply have to do the following:

Have A Concept in Mind

Our website is filled with the projects that we have done in the past. We make sure that we showcase the projects that we have so people can get inspired by what they see in it. If you have a concept in mind or you are just browsing around, you can do so. Metal wall tiles can have some copper additions on the surface for the design and decoration.

Choose From A Wide Selection

Metal wall tiles with copper coating always come in a variety. You have a lot of choices and the best part is that you are free to choose from among the best products designs available or you can create your own. It does not matter as long as you know that if you make your own design, we make sure that all rights reserved are done for you. All design ideas and all of the designs that you have in mind are yours.

Sign Up and Get Started

Once you know the design and you are already prepared to get our services, you may easily sign up on our website and let us handle your needs for you. You can always contact our friendly operators and we always have a dedicated sales team to help you out with your specific order.

Wall Tiles Are The Future

Whether you are deciding on using wall tiles for your restaurant or any other space that you want to use, wall tiles are the future. With all of the advantages that come from having wall tiles installed and adding copper for better results, more and more industries are beginning to embrace wall tiles and their functionality.

If you think that having some wall tiles installed on your place could make a difference, we can guarantee that it could. Hence, if you want to take that step with us you may contact us now.

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